Greetings along the journey, from the Shire!!


Sending smiles and jolly greetings from Hobbitown, the movie filming location. This morning we picked up the relocation Campervan (more on that later), and we drive south from Auckland (on the left side if the road in a camper–quite the experience!!) To the beautiful home of our hobbit friends :). I had a pint of cider at the green dragon, and it was a fantastic experience… I know everyone wants more photos, I will work on that, but the challenge is that many places charge for service by MB, and with larger pictures that takes a while and more money, but know it its in my write for attention. Also realize i need to leave done to show you all when i get home πŸ˜‰ hehe..


About dianar513

God-loving, world-exploring, musical, and adventuring gal :). Taking a year off from my school social work job to chase the things of God, try on some other experiences, and see what's next!
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4 Responses to Greetings along the journey, from the Shire!!

  1. Kir says:

    How cool!!! The picture looks like a Movie! Could you go into the Hobbithouses?

  2. Eldon says:

    I’m havin’ me own pint, on me way to work, courtesy of St.Arbuck’s, by way of me Keurig! πŸ˜‰

  3. Lisa P- Lakewood, CO says:

    Pretty darn cute!

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