My big friend, Dani…


On 1/26 I had the opportunity to go to the Elephant Nature Park, started in 1995 by a native north Thai woman named Lek. Her vision is for a place that elephants can be elephants, not logging workers or beggers sidekicks… The day was filled with putting pineapples, bananas and watermelons in their trunks for, being close, bathing the, in the river, and of course a few photos. It can be a challenge, balancing ‘being in the moment’ and also capturing the experience to share. Today I am grateful someone else caught this moment, because I had put away the camera to just hang out with this beauty. So grateful.


About dianar513

God-loving, world-exploring, musical, and adventuring gal :). Taking a year off from my school social work job to chase the things of God, try on some other experiences, and see what's next!
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11 Responses to My big friend, Dani…

  1. Lisa P- Lakewood, CO says:

    So glad someone captured this picture for you…… Diana you are an inspiration for living in the moment!

  2. Annemarie says:

    This is the most precious picture… Wow.

  3. Mary V. Nelson says:

    A sweet caress…. and by the look in his eye, your new friend almost looks like he’s “purring.”

  4. anne rarich says:

    A shared Namaste. I am so envious of this special moment and so glad you had it. This is why I “forget” my camera.

  5. Sarah Gates says:


  6. Wendy says:

    Aw, how cute! I do love elephants. No coffee yet? 🙂 Which country is next? You go girl!

    • dianar513 says:

      I’m in Thailand for a couple more days, and have not seen poo coffee anywhere-must be an (un?)urban legend, girl ;). Thai beaches, then through Malaysia and Singapore and on to New Zealand!

  7. Fiddle Walton says:

    Savor every moment; the pictures are in your mind. That said I do love having a few so I can go along with you on this trip of a lifetime.

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