Takeoff, grounded, appointed times…

So, I headed to the airport Friday night at midnight, seeing that my flight had been delayed two hours.  I was excited, geared up, and rested (even had a little nap after watching We Bought a Zoo–great movie).  When I got to the counter, Spirit Airlines informed me that I would not be on the plane (even though I was two hours before the posted departure).  I was upset, concerned, and worried about not arriving with the other project leader.  I believed I was supposed to be down there… and yet, there was a piece of me which felt maybe not.  I realized that with a short layover, there was a strong possibility that I would have been stuck in Florida for 23 hours until the next flight to Haiti, and I would rather be here in Colorado.  So I just asked Jesus for a miracle, standing with the other 5 people who weren’t going to make it on the plane.

His miracle this weekend was me not getting on that originally planned flight.  I saw his provision in a friend picking me up (at 3:30am!!) and letting me sleep on their couch…  I saw divine timing in the opportunities for deep and meaningful conversations (and prayer).  I experienced humor and absurdity when I was peed on by a dog, and then our car ran out of gas!!  Then, after running out of gas, the person who brought me to buy a tank needs a job and I may have a connection for him.  Lastly, and most significantly, I was able to be with my congregation, and receive prayer for my time in Haiti, as well as be present for a significant ministry time for a dear friend.

There are appointed times in life, though often not scheduled by us in the specific sense (on our calendar).  Yesterday was such a time, and I am looking forward to so many of them on this upcoming trip.  If you have had such an unplanned encounter lately, would you share it?  I am always blessed by hearing what is happening for others.


About dianar513

God-loving, world-exploring, musical, and adventuring gal :). Taking a year off from my school social work job to chase the things of God, try on some other experiences, and see what's next!
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7 Responses to Takeoff, grounded, appointed times…

  1. Sarah Gates says:

    your blog posting was an unplanned gift today. 🙂 thank you, Di and thank you, God.

  2. anne rarich says:

    You will be daily in my prayers. It was so wonderful to see and hear you share your adventures in Haiti yesterday. What a gift! Hoping the next leg of your trip goes smoothly and gives you time for some much needed quiet and rest.

  3. Mary V. Nelson says:

    My kind of gal — forever the optimist looking on the bright side of things and seeing your way through apparent discouragement. Ready, get set, GO…. you’re well on your way to a great adventure!

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