Surgery successful, primal, and “how do you do that?”

8/15 was my back surgery, and so far it seems like a great success. The pain and numbness are almost gone, and the doc said it can take a month or so which means I am right on track. Having surgery put me in a place I am not in very often… a significant place of need. I had my mom here, and let me tell you –there is just nothing to substitute for a mom.  As I was getting ready to go in, she had me laughing by reading 3MPH by Polly Letofsky (fantastic book–pick it up!), and when the doctor, he was pleased to see me in such good mood.  He mentioned that many people are actually irritated and annoyed if he is a little late.  My response to that was, ‘what, and piss off the man with the scalpel?!’.  He liked that.  When I came to, my speech was really slow and slurred, and apparently my directions on the way home were almost cryptic (but mom’s resourceful, we made it!). Mom–thanks for being here.  No matter how old I get, I will always need you.

During the next couple of weeks, my left leg was quite numb, and yet it still worked.  It is weird to walk on a leg you can’t actually feel, and I experienced a sense of disconnect that I never had before.  In the midst of the recovery, and LOTS of rest (14+ hours of sleep some days), many friends came over.  They brought meals, movies, helped with some practical chores/driving, laughing, and mostly…. joy.  I am used to taking care of my own needs, so to rely on so many was a shift of perspective, and a blessing.  My leg is recovering its feeling now, progressively.  This is really encouraging!

Last week I started an experiment in eating “Primal” foods, and I am really enjoying some of the new recipes I have created in support of that.  Tomorrow night, I am making stuffed mushrooms , and I have already made a chicken curry caflouti, broccoli fritters, and primal energy bars.  The focus is on eating primally, is that we look at our macronutrients, and not just our calories (in other words, does our body get what it needs?).  The timing of this experiment and the incumbent eating of more proteins comes right after discovering that my body is not getting enough protein absorption.  So… I have cut out grains and legumes completely for 3 weeks.  I feel great, satisfied, and motivated.  If you have some good recipes–please send them my way (or samples are fine, too!).  I am discovering that almond meal and coconut flour are great cooking alternatives, and am so grateful for all the online resources and recipes!!  Special thanks to AbM, who took my non-primal foods Monday so that I have nothing tempting me in the house :).

One more thing I wanted to give folks a sneak-peek to is how I have made my upcoming around-the-world trip possible…. (everyone wonders if I won the lottery).  For a number of years now, I simply pay off my credit card every month, and earn miles for all the gas, groceries, etc… that I put on there.   Star Alliance Network (United Airlines and its affiliates) permits a RTW (round-the-world) ticket with enough of these, and I just happened to accumulate them! 😉  More to come on the travel plans in my next post, so stay tuned….  I am sending in the passport for renewal with the ‘extra pages’ option this time.

Thanks for being interested in what’s happening over here in my world, please leave a note and let me know you were here.  Subscribe, so you know when I update, and have a restful Shabbat/peaceful weekend…



About dianar513

God-loving, world-exploring, musical, and adventuring gal :). Taking a year off from my school social work job to chase the things of God, try on some other experiences, and see what's next!
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2 Responses to Surgery successful, primal, and “how do you do that?”

  1. Kirsten G says:

    So happy to hear that your recovery is on track and that you were able to accept the help you needed!!
    Excited and Jealous to hear about all your plans for your RTW trip!!! Love ya sis!!

  2. Allie Lousch says:

    Woohoo! Like the sound of you being “right on track.” And this dependence thing – also on track. Waiting to hear about your around the world adventure, Diana!

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