Surrender and surgery

So, my back injury began six months ago…  A ruptured disc in my L5-S1 (low back), and I have been engaged in physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, supplements and other self-care since then.  I have even received two steroid injections to the site, in hopes that I could avoid surgery.   Well, unfortunately, my back has not responded to this approach, and I am undergoing surgery this Wednesday to cut out the ‘excess’ disc tissue where it doesn’t belong (pressing up against my spinal nerves).

I surrender to the surgeons skill, but mostly I surrender to the GREAT surgeon.  My prayer is that the surgeons hands are like gloves on the Father’s, that my God is actually just using an assistant to heal me :).

Never having had surgery before, there is obviously a measure of concern, but I also have confidence that I did everything I could.  I have peace that this is the next step, and I have gratitude that my mom will be right outside the door…  There’s just nothing like a parent’s presence in times of struggle.

The team I have worked with for 7 years in Jeffco heads back to work this week, and I won’t be reporting with them, because this is the beginning of my sabbatical year.  It is an odd thing to not be coordinating, planning, and supporting our students as another year starts.  I am excited about the course I will be teaching, and the other opportunities in front of me.

On another note, I am toilet-training my cats.  Yes, you read that right!  The product used to assist in this process is called a Litter Kwitter, and we’re still on phase one of 4, but I will keep you posted.  As I venture out on this change for the feline family members, I realize that we all can struggle with behavior change ;).  Whether it is the food we consume, sleeping more regularly and restoratively, or moving more regularly, it takes a commitment, and we need to realize there will be slips along the way (yes, the cats are having there share, it is like potty training a child!).  I’ll keep you posted on the progress..

Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers for my surgery, I will keep you posted!!


About dianar513

God-loving, world-exploring, musical, and adventuring gal :). Taking a year off from my school social work job to chase the things of God, try on some other experiences, and see what's next!
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2 Responses to Surrender and surgery

  1. barb says:

    prayers for successful surgery and QUICK recovery…let me know if I can help in any way!!

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